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Australian Sports Drink – Upbeat – Nitrate Max – Supporting Sports people to perform better. 


Upbeat Nitrate Max to get your competition performance edge


Upbeat NitrateMax doesn’t stop the suffering…it enables you to go harder for longer!


Proudly 100% Australian owned and manufactured 

What Our Clients Say

What a great taste… much better than *****!

– Paul (Training for Rottnest Swim)

Really nice, great flavour… i love it.

– Jason (the Running Centre, Perth)

Been using this when i am doing really hard sessions, flavour is real good!

– Mat (Churchill Cycles, Perth)

I tried Upbeat for the first time last week. I was simply amazed when I smashed my 3 km running PB…this stuff is incredible

“I have recently started training for the Mandurah Ironman after having a 2 year break. Since using I feel stronger than ever.  I never have a session without upbeat NitrateMax ”  Mauricio

“After using upbeat I have found my missing ingredient. Great taste, great health benefits and easy application.  I am hooked on the quality of the upbeat.”  Matt Burton (pro triathlete)

“I find that I can train and race that bit harder, during training I find I can recover quicker from efforts.”  Rob

“It is the best!! I’ve been able to back up a long training day with hard days straight after.  Never been able to do that before.” Nigel – traing for Cape Epic