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Local Western Australian Sports Drink – Upbeat – Nitrate Max – Supporting Local Sports people to perform better. 


Upbeat Nitrate Max to get your competition performance edge


Upbeat NitrateMax doesn’t stop the suffering…it enables you to go harder for longer!


Proudly 100% West Australian owned and manufactured 

What Our Clients Say

What a great taste… much better than *****!

– Paul (Training for Rottnest Swim)

Really nice, great flavour… i love it.

– Jason (the Running Centre, Perth)

Been using this when i am doing really hard sessions, flavour is real good!

– Mat (Churchill Cycles, Perth)

I tried Upbeat for the first time last week. I was simply amazed when I smashed my 3 km running PB…this stuff is incredible

“I have recently started training for the Mandurah Ironman after having a 2 year break. Since using I feel stronger than ever.  I never have a session without upbeat NitrateMax ”  Mauricio

“After using upbeat I have found my missing ingredient. Great taste, great health benefits and easy application.  I am hooked on the quality of the upbeat.”  Matt Burton (pro triathlete)

“I find that I can train and race that bit harder, during training I find I can recover quicker from efforts.”  Rob

“It is the best!! I’ve been able to back up a long training day with hard days straight after.  Never been able to do that before.” Nigel – traing for Cape Epic